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rudecrudeandunattractive said: Sorry for spamming your ask but I think I know what it is about Gene's dancing that annoys the fuck out of me! I noticed it in "Good Morning" when comparing him to the awesomeness of Donnie, because Gene is constantly looking up into the sky when he dances so he looks bored and zombie-like, whereas Donnie's always throwing cheeky glances to the camera/audience so you immediately warm to him more! Plus Gene's a stupid twat. xxxxx

Oh My God I LOOOVEE YOU!!! ahahahaha… and be my guest whenever you want to spam my ask box, it’s my pleasure!
Gene Kelly is always looking creepy or boring trying to make cheeky/funny/happy/charming faces when he dances…(and looking up maybe because his smug God complex? hahaha) instead, Donald is naturally fresh, so he’s always truly acting with his face and his expressions are always in unison with the dance and the situation, looking gorgeous, charming and hot… gawwd even his posture is better!
I’ll send you an example:


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  1. rudecrudeandunattractive said: Hahah this made me laugh SO MUCH! In the first picture, Gene’s just like “I WANT TO SCALP YOU AND MAKE DOLLS OUT OF YOUR HAIR”, fucking creeeeepy! And Donnie is God-like as always. And has a much cuter bum. I love you for obsessing with me :) Xx
  2. spoopydonald said: I happen to like Gene AND Donald. -.-
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